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About Us

- Worth Choosing, Worth Celebrating, Worth the Wait

At 3W, we're in the business of delivering exceptional quality. Our bespoke floor liners are the epitome of durability, comfort, and style, engineered to elevate the driving experience in every vehicle. We cater to a diverse range of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans, ensuring each liner we produce meets our rigorous standards.

What sets our floor mats apart is our innovative approach to manufacturing. Utilizing the advanced injection molding process, we achieve a level of precision and resilience that traditional compression molding simply can't match. The result is a product that not only protects your vehicle's interior but also enhances its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Choose 3W for a product that's not just worth selecting but worth celebrating and worth the wait.

Industry Acclaim

Red Dot Seal of Excellence

Prestige in innovation was bestowed upon our floor mats in 2017 with the Red Dot award from Germany. The jury lauded our use of TPE material for its environmental sustainability and adaptability across a multitude of vehicle models, highlighting both our commitment to quality and our contributions to eco-friendly practices.

Designed in the USA and serving both commercial and private clients, we take pride in being an OEM supplier for leading automotive names such as Ford and Honda. This partnership with top-tier car brands cements our status as a trusted leader in the floor liner industry.




Our Journey

Founded in 2016 in Queens, New York, 3W Floor Liners began as a family venture, distributing premium 3W Liners. Our strategically positioned warehouses in Oceanside, NY, and Sayreville, NJ, ensure expedited and cost-effective shipping across the US. Rigorous research by our experts guarantees our floor liners offer unmatched resilience, strength, and flexibility. Leveraging over three decades of industry experience, our President Gavin launched an online store to bring top-tier auto accessories directly to consumers, marking the inception of 3W Floor Liners.

Growth and Expansion

From humble beginnings in a living room, Gavin's vision quickly evolved into a robust operation. In 2017, we inaugurated our technology office on Long Island and relocated our headquarters to a state-of-the-art facility. Our growth trajectory has been swift, but our commitment to delivering exceptional products, value, and customer service remains unaltered.

Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of 3W Floor Liners is a steadfast dedication to our customers' satisfaction. Our primary aim is to deliver unparalleled service in the industry. We actively track and respond to customer feedback from multiple independent platforms, ensuring continuous improvement. Our team takes pride in exceeding expectations and achieving customer delight.

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