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These are some really solid mats. They are easy to install and clip into place so they won’t move around. They can be sprayed off and with the deep groves they keep the dirt where it needs to be.

Steve / Alabaster

The mats are fitting perfectly, better than the Toyota mat I have! They are heavy, and seem very durable. I still have yet to clean them. I will gladly purchase from 3W again!

Jeremy Warner / New Baltimore

Just as well made as the weather tech I always bought before, but a third of the price. Will definitely buy again in the future!

Jenette Deans / Sharpsburg

Fast shipping and fits like a glove. I love that it has the safety push pin so it won’t move around.

Christian / Miami

Always Fit.
No Weather Limitation Tech.
Even Better.

Always Fit.
No Weather Limitation Tech.
Even Better.


Do the floor mats or cargo liner have a smell? Is the material safe?

3W floor mats are made from 100% eco-friendly components (TPE), which are baby-friendly and non-toxic and safer than rubber. They do not emit any odor, even at extreme temperatures ranging from -4°F to 167°F. TPE is also used in products such as baby pacifiers, combs, and toothbrushes, indicating that it is a safe material.

How are the floor mats secured in place?
  • Mats are 3D-scanned to ensure a perfect fit without interfering with the brake and accelerator pedals.
  • Anti-slip studs on the back secure the mats and prevent shifting.
  • Dual rear fasteners keep the mats firmly anchored.
Are the floor mats or cargo liner resistant to sharp heels?

3W liners TPE mats are designed for durability and can withstand daily wear and tear, including the use of high heels. However, repeated or excessive pressure from sharp heels may eventually cause damage. To prevent any accidental damage, it is recommended to exercise caution when wearing high heels on any type of car mat.

How should the floor liners and mats be cared for?

The floor mats and cargo liners are designed for easy cleaning. Simply remove the mats and rinse them off; all accumulated dirt will be washed away instantly. The liners are resistant to auto shampoos and detergents, so you can wash them every time you visit the car wash.

What can I do if the floor mats from the package don't lay flat or fit right away?


  • Ensure the floor mats are installed with the logo facing the windows.

  • When installing the front row mats, pull them towards the seats as much as possible to ensure a snug fit against the vehicle’s floor contours.

Flattening Instructions

Due to packaging or transport compression, the floor mats may appear folded when removed from the package. Here are a few easy methods to help flatten your mats:

1. Warm Them Up

Increasing the temperature can make the mats more flexible. You can:

  • Leave the mats flat in direct sunlight on a sunny day.
  • Use a hairdryer on a low setting to gently warm the mats, making them easier to bend.

2. Manual Adjustment

  • Manually adjust the mats by bending them counter to the fold or curve and apply gentle pressure to flatten.

3. Be Patient

  • If the mats don’t conform immediately, be patient. With time and use, the mats usually settle into the shape of the car’s floor.

These custom floor mats are designed to fit perfectly and provide durable protection for every season. Whether you own 3W floor mats or cargo liner, our mats ensure a premium fit and finish.

Do you offer any warranty for your car mats?

Yes, 3W offers a lifetime warranty for our car mats. However, this warranty is only valid under conditions of natural wear and tear. It does not cover any intentional damage. If you have any concerns with our product, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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