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Best Floor Mats for the Toyota 4Runner


Best Floor Mats for the Toyota 4Runner


Floor mats are one of the best ways to enhance the experience of owning a Toyota 4Runner and protect your investment. Our all-weather floor mats are designed with your family’s comfort in mind, including your four-legged friends.

Whether your Toyota 4Runner is fresh off the lot or a second-hand car, investing in floor mats will protect your car in every weather condition. Our Toyota 4runner floor mats are custom designed for easy cleaning with 3D laser scanning that ensures they fit like a glove. The 3W floor liners for the Toyota 4Runner are designed for maximum coverage and are suitable for all models released since 2014.


The Toyota 4Runner


Toyota’s 4Runner is one of the Japanese automaker’s best-selling cars and is ranked as the fifth longest-lasting vehicle in the US. The current 4Runner on the market is the fifth-generation model, launched in 2009 with a 4.0-liter V6 gasoline engine.

2014 saw a major facelift for the 4Runner with an updated interior and revised front and rear fascia. The 3W Toyota 4Runner floor mats are custom designed to seamlessly fit with all 4Runner models since 2014.

The best floor mats for the Toyota 4Runner:
 3W Toyota 4Runner 2014-2023 Custom Floor Mats TPE Material & All-Weather Protection
• 3W Lexus GX460 2013-2023 Custom Floor Mats TPE Material & All-Weather Protection



Why You Should Invest in Custom Floor Liners


Floor liners are a practical investment to improve the longevity, cleanliness, and valuation of your Toyota 4Runner. These stain-resistant floor mats are designed to protect against every day and weather-related dirt. Installing floor liners will protect your car’s interior year-round to maintain its condition and protect its resale value.

Toyota 4runner floor liners improve the comfort and safety of your car with their waterproof, anti-slip, and stain resistant RPE material. The 3W floor mats offer a sleek look with an easy-rinse design that allows you to remove dirt, sand, and mud within a few minutes.


Floor Mats for the Toyota 4Runner


The 3W TPE material and all-weather protection floor mats are the industry-leading model for the Toyota 4Runner. These floor liners provide a custom fit for maximum coverage and are compatible with the Lexus GX460. The 3D laser-scanned floor mats prevent slipping with no edge curl or gaps.

Our Toyota 4Runner floor liners are made with TPE material, an odorless and non-toxic material that is easy to clean and waterproof for all seasons. We believe the 3W floor mats are the best in the industry with a custom design for the Toyota 4Runner and strive to offer a quality experience for every customer.


Floor Mats for the Toyota 4Runner


Keep your car’s interior clean by installing Toyota 4Runner floor mats for all-weather protection. These floor liners are easy to install by following these steps:

• Install your 4Runner floor mats with the 3W logo facing the car windows.
• Your floor liners may appear slightly wrinkled due to packaging compression. You can remove these wrinkles by bending the floor mats in the opposite direction or leaving your liners in the sun or a warm environment.


How to Clean Your Toyota 4Runner Floor Mats:


Your floor mats are there to protect your car’s interior from dirt, mud, and general dust. While they’re easy to wipe clean, you’ll want to regularly clean the floor mats of your Toyota 4Runner to improve their longevity. Your floor mats and footwells are the dirtiest part of your car, even with custom floor liners installed.

1. Check the condition of your floor mats Before you start cleaning your floor mats, we recommend checking them closely to spot any rips or holes that might have occurred overtime. We recommend investing in replacement mats if any rips or holes have appeared as these can reduce the efficiency of your floor mats and pose a safety hazard.

2. Remove excess dirt and debris Remove your Toyota 4Runner floor mats and take them to an outdoor space to remove surface debris. Give your mats a good shake or hit them with a brush to loosen any stubborn dirt or debris. Lay the floor mats down flat and use a vacuum cleaner on any visible dirt or mud. We recommend doing this step regularly if you have a pet who travels in your car. Stubborn dirt, such as muck or sand, can be removed from your floor mats by using a stiff brush before going over with a vacuum cleaner.

Ensure that you have removed as much debris and dirt as possible before washing your 4Runner floor mats. We recommend investing in a cleaner that is specifically formulated for car mats and the TPE material that we use in our floor mats. The 3W floor mats are odor-free.

3. Clean with water or a specialist solution An at-home solution for washing your 4Runner floor mats is to mix two tablespoons of washing powder with water and brush the solution into the mats. You can repeat this step on any stubborn stains, such as paint or food. Leave the solution on the mat for several minutes before washing with clean water. If your 4Runner floor mats have developed an odor from a stain, we recommend using baking soda as an odor neutralizer. We do not recommend putting your floor mats in a washing machine as this can damage the TEF material and result in rips to the fabric.

4. Air dry your mats outside. Rinse your floor mats with clean water to remove any excess solution before air drying. You can leave your floor mats outside to reduce drying time or peg them to your washing line. Keep your TEF car mats out of direct sunlight and in the shade while airdrying. We do not recommend putting your 4Runner floor mats into a tumble dryer as this can damage the material.

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