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Tapis de sol personnalisés 3W Chevy / Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab / GMC Canyon Crew Cab 2015-2022 Matériau TPE et protection toutes saisons

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⚠️ This product is a new release available for pre-order and is expected to be available in Sept.
  • 2015-2022
  • Colorado 2015-2022
  • Tapis de 1ère et 2ème rangées
  • 1st&2nd Row Mats
  • Trunk Mat

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Lifetime Warranty

Free Ship $50+

30-Day Guaranty

  • Ajustement parfait pour Chevrolet Colorado 2015-2022 : notre doublure de coffre est conçue sur mesure pour offrir une couverture et une protection maximales à votre Chevrolet Colorado ou GMC Canyon. Fabriqué en matériau TPE (élastomère thermoplastique), il offre résistance, résilience, durabilité et élasticité.
  • TOUS LES TEMPS ET DURABILITÉ : Ces tapis de sol ou plateaux de chargement durables sont conçus pour résister à toutes les conditions météorologiques. Ils sont faciles à installer et offrent une excellente protection contre les taches, l’eau et les glissements. Qu'il s'agisse de pluie, de neige fondante, de neige ou de boue, ces tapis garderont votre tapis propre et protégé, garantissant que votre voiture est prête à affronter toutes les conditions hivernales ou estivales typiques.
  • SANS ODEUR ET NON TOXIQUE : Nos revêtements de sol et nos doublures de chargement sont fabriqués à partir d'un matériau TPE non toxique et inodore. Même à des températures élevées, ils ne produiront aucune odeur nauséabonde, créant ainsi un environnement intérieur plus sûr et plus confortable pour vous et votre famille.
  • FACILE À NETTOYER : Nettoyer nos revêtements de sol est un jeu d'enfant. Qu'il y ait de la poussière, de la saleté ou du sable sur les tapis, lavez-les simplement avec de l'eau ou essuyez-les avec une serviette humide en quelques minutes seulement.
  • 3W All-Weather Custom Floor Mats TPE Car Mars / Trunk Mats for 2021-2024 Chevy Tahoe / GMC Yukon / Cadillac Escalade 7 Seat (Pre-order) Vehicles & Parts 3Wliners
    Tapis de sol personnalisés 3W Chevy / Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab / GMC Canyon Crew Cab 2015-2022 Matériau TPE et protection toutes saisons
    Design Maintenance Material Install Tips

    Original Design Meets Vehicle Aesthetics

    Over 400 Models

    2017 Reddot Award Winner with Decades of Manufacturing Experience and Over 400 Molds

    Glove-like Fitting

    NO Gaps, NO Slipping. High-Precision 3D Scanne for a Seamless Fit

    Chaos Outside, Cosmos Inside

    Engineered for All Weather: Specially Grooved to Confine Water, Snow, and Mud in Place

    Crafted for All Weather Conditions

    Easy Rinse & No Fuss

    No Dirt Left Behind

    Durable & Shape-Stable

    3W Floor Mats vs. Others After 6 Months



    Eco-Safe for Pets & Kids

    100% TPE, Non-Toxic, Odorless, and Heat-Resistant up to 167°F

    3W Packaging: DIY Fun Inside

    To enhance our packaging's utility, we've designed it with a fun DIY project. Simply cut along the pre-drawn lines inside the box, assemble the pieces, and transform the cardboard into a cute rocking horse. Enjoy this creative activity with your children! Click here to check instructions➠

    1. Unboxing
    2. Cutting along lines
    3. Assembling
    4. Rocking Horse 

    Installation Tips


    • Ensure the floor mats are installed with the logo facing the windows.

    • When installing the front row mats, pull them towards the seats as much as possible to ensure a snug fit against the vehicle’s floor contours.

    Flattening Instructions

    Due to packaging or transport compression, the floor mats may appear folded when removed from the package. Here are a few easy methods to help flatten your mats:

    1. Warm Them Up

    Increasing the temperature can make the mats more flexible. You can:

    • Leave the mats flat in direct sunlight on a sunny day.
    • Use a hairdryer on a low setting to gently warm the mats, making them easier to bend.

    2. Manual Adjustment

    • Manually adjust the mats by bending them counter to the fold or curve and apply gentle pressure to flatten.

    3. Be Patient

    • If the mats don’t conform immediately, be patient. With time and use, the mats usually settle into the shape of the car’s floor.


    Do the mats have a smell? Is the material safe?

    3Wliners floor mats are made from 100% eco-friendly components (TPE), which are baby-friendly and non-toxic. They do not emit any odor, even at extreme temperatures ranging from -4°F to 167°F. TPE is also used in products such as baby pacifiers, combs, and toothbrushes, indicating that it is a safe material.

    Are the mats resistant to sharp heels?

    3Wliners TPE mats are designed for durability and can withstand daily wear and tear, including the use of high heels. However, repeated or excessive pressure from sharp heels may eventually cause damage. To prevent any accidental damage, it is recommended to exercise caution when wearing high heels on any type of car mat.

    What does “1st Row”, “2nd Row”, and “3rd Row” mean?
    • "1st Row" means the first, or front row of seating, driver and passenger side. Your set will include both pieces, unless it is a single-piece design.
    • "2nd Row" refers to the row of seats immediately behind the first or front row of seating.
    • "3rd Row" refers to the row of seats immediately behind the second row of seating.
    How should the mats be cared for?

    The mats are designed for easy cleaning. Simply remove the mats and rinse them off; all accumulated dirt will be washed away instantly. They are resistant to auto shampoos and detergents, so you can wash them every time you visit the car wash.

    Do you offer any warranty for your car mats?

    Yes, 3Wliners offers a lifetime warranty for our car mats. However, this warranty is only valid under conditions of natural wear and tear. It does not cover any intentional damage. If you have any concerns with our product, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

    When will you have mats for my model? Can I contribute in any way?

    Our product range is constantly expanding, and we primarily focus on mats for the latest vehicle models. If you need mats for your model, please let us know here>>

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