3W Tesla Model 3 2021-2023 Custom Floor Mats & Trunk Mats TPE Material & All-Weather Protection




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  • Full Set-6 PCS include:  Driver Side Liner, Passenger Side Liner, Rear Seat Liner, Front Trunk Cargo Liner, Rear Trunk Cargo Liner, Rear Trunk Well Storage Liner.
  • ONE CAR ONE DESIGN: 3W floor mats are custom-designed for each vehicle using micrometer-level 3D scanning technology to fully......read more

  • $169.99


    3W-tesla-model-3-floor mats3W-tesla-model-3-floor mats

    Original Design Blend
    with Model 3 Style

    Where sleek lines meet minimalist chic – the perfect fusion of futuristic and sophistication.


    NO Edge Curl, NO Gaps
    NO Slipping

    Design process gives you a glove-like fit with 3D laser-scanned

    tesla model 3 floor mats

    What Are the Best Quality Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3?

    Apr 21, 2023 3Wliners Official

    As a Tesla Model 3 owner, I know firsthand the unique experience that comes with owning one of these sleek and powerful electric cars. From its lightning-fast acceleration to its sleek, modern design, the Model 3 is a joy to drive. But like any car, it's not immune to the wear and tear of daily use. As any Tesla owner knows, keeping the interior of your car clean and free from dirt, mud, and spills can be a challenge. That's why investing in high-quality floor mats is essential for protecting your car's carpets and keeping your Tesla Model 3 looking like new.

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