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Always Fit.

No Weather Limitation Tech. 

Even Better.

Always Fit.
No Weather Limitation Tech.
Even Better.



These are some really solid mats. They are easy to install and clip into place so they won’t move around. They can be sprayed off and with the deep groves they keep the dirt where it needs to be.

Steve / Alabaster

The mats are fitting perfectly, better than the Toyota mat I have! They are heavy, and seem very durable. I still have yet to clean them. I will gladly purchase from 3W again!

Jeremy Warner / New Baltimore

Just as well made as the weather tech I always bought before, but a third of the price. Will definitely buy again in the future!

Jenette Deans / Sharpsburg

Fast shipping and fits like a glove. I love that it has the safety push pin so it won’t move around.

Christian / Miami


Do the mats have a smell? Is the material safty?

3Wliners floor mats are made of eco-friendly components(TPE), which is baby-friendly, non-toxic, and will not smell even at very high temperatures (-4°F-167°F). Some baby's pacifier, comb, and toothbrush are taken this TPE. It is a safe material.

Are mats afraid of sharp heels?

3Wliners TPE mats are designed to be durable and canwithstand daily wear and tear, including the use of high heels. However, repeated or excessive pressure may result in some damage to the mats over time. It's recommended to use caution when using high heels on any type of car mat to prevent any accidental damage.

How to take care of mats?

The mats are designed for washing with ease. Just remove and rinse the mats,all accumulated dirt is instantly washed away. They are not afraid of auto shampoos and detergents. They can be washed every time you come to the car wash.

What can I do if my floor mats get folded when coming out from the package?

1. Give it some time to lay flat and restore its resilience.
2. If necessary, you can manually fold it in the opposite direction of the original fold

Do you offer any warranty for your car mats?

Yes, 3wliners offer a lifetime warranty for our car mats. However, this warranty only valid under natural wear and tear conditions. Any deliberate damage is not covered. If you encounterany concerns with our product, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.

Are 3W floor liners stain-resistant?

Yes! 3W Floor Liners will resist staining, however routine maintenance is recommended to prolong the life and integrity of the product.

Lifetime Warranty
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30-Day Money Back Guaranty
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